Welcome to PlayingDarts.net

First of all I would like to welcome you all to the new PlayingDarts.Net website.  This is the new darts site for the dartplayers arround. This domain is ours, and it will show lots of locations and addresses for you to play darts.


The planning for the moment is to start off with loads of locations for you where you can play darts. Also it will be made so that you yourself also can add your own new location, and also some sort of rating is planned. BUT we will bring you much more than that.

Ofcourse there will be games explained, and how to hang up your board, but planning is to do even more.


This month june 2018 more and more locations are entered in the database. At the end of this month more than 750 locations in the Netherlands and Belgium will be entered in the system. 
If you played at one of the locations please let us know your findings. 

Simply search the location below, and leave us a comment. The other players will appriciate this.

Locations in The Netherlands: 735.
Locations in Belgium: 41.

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